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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:16:41 -0400 (EDT)

Archives of Virology

This electronic version of the print journal of the same name in produced
on the web by Springer Wien New York and publishes original contributions
from all branches of research on viruses, virus-linke agents, and virus
infections of humans, animals, plants, insects, and bacteria. Coverage
includes the broadest spectrum of topics, from initial descriptions of
newly discovered viruses, to studies of virus structure, composition, and
genetics, to studies of virus interactions with host cells, host
organisms, and host populations. Multidisciplinary studies are
particularly welcome, as are studies employing molecular biologic,
molecular genetics, and modern immunologic and epidemiologic approaches.
For example, studies on the molecular pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and
genetics of virus infections in individual hosts, and studies on the
molecular epidemiology of virus infections in populations,are encouraged.
Studies involving applied research, such as diagnostic technology
development, monoclonal antibody panel development, vaccine development,
and antiviral drug development, are also encouraged. However, such studies
are often better presented in the context of a specific application or as
they bear upon general principles of interest to many virologists. In all
cases, it is the quality of the research work, its significance, and its
originality which will decide acceptability.

Articles are provided in Adobe Acrobat portable document format for
download and viewing by subscribers of the journal, who are provided with
a password for this purpose. No password is required to view the
article abstracts, which are available online as html files.

Subscription Information:

-North America: Recommended annual subscription rate: Approx. US 1819.00
(single issue price approx. US $ 179.00) including carriage charges.
Subscriptions are entered with prepayment only.
-All other countries: Recommended annual subscription rate: DM 2496,--
plus carriage charges. SAL or airmail charges are available upon request.

ISSN: 0304-8608 (printed version)
ISSN: 1432-8798 (electronic version)

Managing Editor: F. A. Murphy, Davis

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Thursday, July 31, 1997
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