Arthropod Structure & Development


Arthropod Structure & Development

Publisher: Elsevier

Formerly known as International Journal of Insect Morphology and Embryology

Arthropod Structure & Development is a Journal of Arthropod Structural
Biology, Development, and Functional Morphology. The journal will consider
manuscripts that deal with micro- and neuroanatomy, development,
biomechanics, organogenesis of the Arthropoda, and related subjects,
covering also information on enigmatic groups such as the Tardigrada and

The aim of the journal is to publish papers in the areas of functional and
comparative anatomy and development, with an emphasis on the role of
cellular organization in organ function. The journal will also publish
papers on organogenisis, embryonic and postembryonic development, and organ
or tissue regeneration and repair. Manuscripts dealing with comparative and
evolutionary aspects of microanatomy and development are encouraged.

Specifically, the following research areas will be covered:

* Integument and effector organs (exoskeleton, muscles and glands).
* Sensory structures, peripheral, autonomic and central nervous systems,
and neuroendocrine systems.
* Circulatory, respiratory, visceral, and excretory organs.
* Reproductive systems, organogenesis and repair.
* Pattern formation and development.
* Comparative microanatomy and morphology of arthropods from the
phylogenetic view.

A thorough but efficient peer-review system with the assistance of section
and advisory editors of world-wide reputation will ensure that published
papers will conform to high scientific standards. Review articles and
article series on relevant topics will be invited at regular intervals and
will be subject to peer-review.

Particular emphasis will be given to high quality line and half-tone
illustrations. Exceptional colour plates will be printed free of charge.
Supplementary 3-D and motion figures and other electronic addenda can be
submitted with the manuscript and published on the journal's website after

ISSN: 1467-8039

Co-ordinating Editors:

R. Steinbrecht
Max-Planck Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie
D-82319 Seewiesen, Germany

Tel: + 49 8157 932 229
Fax: +49 8157 932 434

N. Strausfeld
ARL Division of Neurobiology
University of Arizona
611 Gould-Simpson Building
Tucson, Arizona 85721

Tel: +1 520 621 8382
Fax: +1 520 621 8282

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Current Issue: Volume 34, Issue 1 (January 2005)

Date: 6 April 2005

Original posting date: 
Wednesday, April 6, 2005
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