Asian Business Review


Asian Business Review

The Asian Business Review (ABR) is an academic general Business

and administration journal, that is, we are in principle

open to all disciplines and fields of research on business

administration and business-subject to the condition that

submissions must be related to Asia. We especially

encourage papers that draw on one of the various streams of

the business systems literature, broadly conceived, to

generate new insights into the societal embedded of firms in

Asia and the consequences of such embedded on managerial and

business processes, structures, and outcomes.

Articles in this journal have undergone a rigorous

double-blind peer review system, based on initial editor

screening and involving in-country and international

refereeing, ensures that articles meet the highest standards

of quality.

ABR provides immediate open access to its content on the

principle that making research freely available to the

public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The ABR is intended for both academics and interested

observers, contains the contributions of recognized experts,

and is essential to anyone seeking the latest research on

Asian business in a readily available, approachable form.

ABR is, as the name suggests, a journal on business and

management in Asia. We welcome articles which deal with

nations and societies in the Asian region, namely those in

East Asia and South-East Asia, including those in APEC and

ASEAN, individually or comparatively. Of interest also, are

contributions on the Asian economies, comparing those inside

with those outside, or those investing in it. We do not,

however, publish papers based solely on countries from

outside the region'. Submissions need to be geographically

connected to Asia. The journal's definition of Asia in

principle encompasses all economies from the Arab Peninsula

eastward to Japan. Excluded are Russia and African countries

as well as the Antipodes.

P-ISSN: 2304-2613

E-ISSN: 2305-8730

Chief Editor: Dr. Alim Al Ayub Ahmed


Subject: Asian Business

Date Posted: 22nd January, 2013

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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