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Subject: Atherosclerosis
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 00:21:39 -0400

(Link inactive 20 October 2004)
(Link active 20 October 2004)

Atherosclerosis brings together from all sources papers concerned with
research and investigation on atherosclerosis, its complications, and
related diseases, including: lipoprotein metabolism, arterial and vascular
biology and disease, thrombosis, inflammation, disorders of lipid transport,
diabetes and hypertension as related to atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular
risk factors. The editors are also interested in clinical papers dealing
with case studies of specific or general interest, new or unusual lipid
syndromes, and the genetic basis and familial incidence of atherosclerosis
and related diseases. High quality reports of controlled clinical trials of
drugs or diets will be considered provided the paper deals with the
mechanism of action of the drug or diet.

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Editor: E.J. Schaefer and J. Shepherd

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Thursday, July 6, 2000
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