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Atlantic Economic Journal

Publisher: Kluwer

The Atlantic Economic Journal (AEJ) has an international reputation for
excellent articles in all interest areas, without regard to fields or
methodological preferences. Founded in 1973 by the International Atlantic
Economic Society, a need was identified for increased communication among
scholars from different countries. For over 30 years, the AEJ has
continuously sought articles that traced some of the most critical economic
changes and developments to occur on the global level.

The journal's goal is to facilitate and synthesize economic research across
nations to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas and scholarly research.
Contributors include some of the world's most respected economists and
financial specialists, including Nobel laureates and leading government
officials. AEJ welcomes both theoretical and empirical articles, as well as
public policy papers. All manuscripts are submitted to a double-blind, peer
review process.

In addition to formal publication of full-length articles, the AEJ provides
an opportunity for less formal communication through its Anthology section.
A small point may not be worthy of a full-length, formal paper but is
important enough to warrant dissemination to other researchers. Research in
progress may be of interest to other scholars in the field. A research
approach ending in negative results needs to be shared to save others
similar pitfalls. The Anthology section has been established to facilitate
these forms of communication. Anthologies provide a means by which short
manuscripts of less than 500 words can quickly appear in the AEJ. All
submissions are formally reviewed by the Board of Editors.

The Book Review Article section of the journal does not publish standard
book reviews. Instead, full-length book review articles are published that
are refereed and meet high publication standards. These articles provide a
synthesis of how each book relates to literature in the field. Readers can
thus identify the context of each book within the literature.

ISSN 0197-4254

Managing Editor:
John M. Virgo
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, USA

Associate Editor:
Katherine S. Virgo
Saint Louis University, MO, USA

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Current Issue: Online access beginning with Volume 32 2005.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004
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