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Australian Humanities Review

ISSN: 1325-8338

May I alert you and your colleagues to a new electronic journal of the
Humanities, Australian Humanities Review, which is published under the
auspices of the Australian Vice-Chancellors'Committee. It is available
free and features articles by leading academics and writers, moderated
discussion and links. The current issue features an article by Dennis
Altman on Global Queer which has so far received responses from David
Halperin,(USA) Gary Dowsett, (AUST) Donald Morton(USA), Christopher Lane
(USA) Michael Tan (PHILLIPINES) and Fran Martin (AUST). Other topics
include the writing of history, the outlaw legend, theatre and Foucault.
The first issue featured an article on Aboriginal rights by Henry
Reynolds. Two issues are available. The next issue will be uploaded on
September 23 and will feature novelist David Malouf.

Australian Humanities Reivew is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary
electronic journal published every ten weeks.

Australian Humanities Review is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed
journal, published only in electronic form, which aims to present an
eclectic range of voices and discourse from the Humanities in Australia,
as well as providing a bridge between the academy and the wider
community, worldwide. The journal is regularly updated and encourages
interactive discussion and feedback, to be published in a moderated
e-muse section. The journal also provide a regularly updated
information section, the good oil.

Cassandra Pybus, editor

Australian Humanities Review is available free of charge as an Open
Access journal on the Internet.

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Monday, September 16, 1996
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