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Subject: Automated Software Engineering

Automated Software Engineering

Automated Software Engineering is an archival, peer-reviewed journal
publishing research, tutorial papers, survey and accounts of significant
industrial experience in the foundations, techniques, tools and applications
of automated software engineering technology. This includes the study of
techniques for constructing, understanding, adapting, and modelling software
artifacts and processes. Both automatic systems and collaborative systems
are within the scope of the journal, as are computational models of human
software engineering activities. Knowledge representations and artificial
intelligence techniques applicable to automated software engineering are of
interest, as are formal techniques that support or provide theoretical

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to: specification and
design representation schemes, both formal and informal; descriptions and
models of the development process; tools and environments to support
software development; cognition in software development, including studies
of specifiers, designers and implementors, and cognitive properties of
representation schemes, programming and programming languages; software
development methods, analysis and validation; requirements elicitation,
acquisition and formalization; system rationale; software quality and
metrics; software reuse and adaptation; animation and execution of
specifications and designs; domain modelling and analysis; software
visualization; software object management; development of user interfaces;
group and team work in software engineering; development of distributed,
real-time, embedded and composite systems; systems integration; software
evolution and maintenance; system testing; reverse engineering and program
understanding; documentation and program explanation.

Automated Software Engineering has worldwide distribution to individuals,
industry and institutions. It includes reviews of books, software,
conferences, and workshops.

Subscribers have access to full-text articles.

Editor-in-Chief: Bashar Nuseibeh

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Monday, October 29, 2001
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