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(Link inactive 20 October 2004)
(Link active 20 October 2004)

Automatica publishes papers on original theoretical and
experimental research and development in the control of
systems, involving all facets of automatic control
theory and its applications. Preferably, theoretical
papers should include applications; papers dealing with
components and systems should include theoretical
background and, where appropriate, economic implications.

It is intended to publish only those papers, including
those based on IFAC meeting presentations, which may be
regarded as new, worthwhile contributions in this field.
Papers should be intelligible to the general body of
control engineers, which requires that specialized
techniques, terminology and acronyms be well defined
and/or referenced.

Automatica has a tradition of publishing definitive
papers covering a topic in depth, papers which are
referred to for many years. For such papers the length
requirements may be relaxed at the discretion of the

The scope of the journal is extensive. Topics include:
the theory and design of control systems and components,
encompassing robust and distributed control using
geometric, optimal, stochastic and nonlinear methods,
game theory and state estimation; adaptive control,
including robotics, neural networks, parameter
estimation and system fault detection; additional topics
including artificial intelligence, fuzzy and expert
systems, hierarchical and man-machine systems, all parts
of systems engineering which consider the reliability of
components and systems; data processing; and computers
for computer-aided design, manufacturing, and control of
various industrial processes, space vehicles and
aircraft, ships, traffic, biomedical systems, national
economies, power systems, agriculture and natural

Submitted articles may be Survey Papers (extensive
reviews of established or emerging research topics or
application areas), Papers (detailed discussions
involving new research, applications or developments),
Brief Papers (brief presentations of new technical
concepts and developments), Technical Communiques (new
useful ideas and brief pertinent comments of a technical
nature), and Correspondence (Letters to the Editor about
the journal or to authors commenting on previously
published papers. In the latter case, the Editor will
give the authors an opportunity to respond). The journal
also publishes the following features: Special Issues on
the subject of increasing importance, Tutorial Papers,
Book Reviews and Software Reviews.

Additional information about Automatica, including lists
of recently accepted papers and papers under review, a
cumulative table of contents (1963-present) and recent
and advance editorials, can be found at the Editor-in-
Chief's site:
(Link inactive 20 October 2004)

For more details on the International Federation of
Automatic Control (IFAC), visit their home page at

Automation and control engineers, systems researchers,
electronic and electrical engineers.

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Editor-in-Chief: H. Kwakernaak

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