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Subject: AutoNet TourGuide

Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 19:28:21 CST
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AUTONET on - E-mail resources and entertainment

The AutoNet TourGuide

What is the AutoNet? The AutoNet is not a thing, but is actually a
new way of using the Internet. The technology of autoresponders
makes it possible to link together vast amounts of resources and
information, in a way that is very similar to the World-Wide Web.

The big difference is that the AutoNet is accessible to everyone with
an e-mail account - no graphics capabilities, super-fast modems, or
full Internet access is necessary.

The AutoNet TourGuide is a biweekly newsletter published by AllWrite
Publishing. The TourGuide is designed to introduce the resources and
information available to _every_ Internet user. If you have an
e-mail account you can access everything featured in the AutoNet

The TourGuide will also run contests on a regular basis and be giving
away some great prizes. Right now, anyone who subscribes to the
AutoNet TourGuide will be automatically registered to win a one
gigabyte hard drive! Runners up will win either Windows 95 or a Mac
upgrade to System 7.5.

To subscribe to the AutoNet TourGuide send e-mail to with the following command in the body:

Subscribe AutoNet

Owner: Ed McAdams

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Wednesday, November 15, 1995
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