Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 13:26:11 GMT
Subject: Basilisk

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Subject: basilisk
(Link inactive 13 April 2004)
(Link active 13 April 2004)

"A quarterly journal of film, architecture, philosophy, literature,
music and perception"

-Basilisk was conceived in 1994, when I and several other people
realized that the World Wide Web had reached a critical point as a
communicative media. This came after several years of thinking about
technology in relation to society, and also after three years on my part
as a consultant to architects, doing renderings on my SGI using

As an online publication, basilisk is a response to the wide bandwidth,
dialogic nature that we feel the internet has finally achieved. We will
be releasing updates every few weeks, with full revisions every three or
four months. Our content includes essays and projects addressing
architecture, urban studies, philosophy, cinema, theory, cultural
criticism, literature, the medical practices, music and the arts. We
are accessible around the world on the internet using World Wide Web
browsers, preferably Netscape.

-Basilisk will be issuing several special editions in 1995. Although it
may be too hasty to predict exactly what these will be, we are
negotiating with several architectural publications to deploy previously
published work on the internet, and to mount special issues documenting
conferences as purely internet based events. These endeavors are in
keeping with our editorial position, which aims to foster and assist the
development of a critical media theory vis a vis the world wide
hypertext environment encountered using the World Wide Web. We are also
designing an interface that incorporates web forms and other deployable
interfaces, possibly even a separate application, for navigating both
our content and other sites on the WEB. We consider the creation of a
dialogic environment which addresses the capabilities and specific
instrumentalities that are brought into play by the WEB to be of utmost

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