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(including Reviews on Bioenergetics) One of the ten topical sections of
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta International Journal of Biochemistry,
Biophysics and Molecular Biology


The BBA section Bioenergetics covers the area of biological energy
transfer and conversion, focusing on the kinetics and thermodynamics of
molecular mechanisms involved in photosynthesis, mitochondrial and
bacterial respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, motility and transport,
as well as the underlying molecular structures.

The section also includes Reviews on Bioenergetics.

Types of Papers:

regular papers, reviews, rapid reports, short sequence papers.


Biochemists, Biophysicists, and Molecular biologists interested in

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Recent Contents:

Bba-bioenergetics, Vol: 1277, Issue: 1-2, November
12, 1996

1.Nucleotide sequence of the genes, encoding the
pentaheme cytochrome (dmsC) and the transmembrane
protein (dmsB), involved in dimethyl sulfoxide
respiration from Rhodobacter sphaeroides f. sp.
Ujiiye, T.; Yamamoto, I.; Nakama, H.; Okubo, A.;
Yamazaki, S.; Satoh, T. , pp. 1-5 , PDF (approx.
2.Sequence analysis of an internal 9.72-kb segment from
the 30-kb denitrification gene cluster of Pseudomonas
Glockner, A.B.; Zumft, W.G. , pp. 6-12 , PDF
(approx. 410.2KB)
3.Metabolic and energetic properties of isolated nerve
ending particles (synaptosomes)
Erecinska, M.; Nelson, D.; Silver, I.A. , pp. 13-34
PDF (approx. 1.3MB)
4.The extrinsic polypeptides of Photosystem II
Seidler, A. , pp. 35-60 , PDF (approx. 1.5MB)
5.Structural studies of imidazole-cytochrome c: resonance
assignments and structural comparison with cytochrome c
Gaohua, L.; Weiping, S.; Xiaoling, H.; Houming, W.;
Wenxia, T. , pp. 61-82 , PDF (approx. 1.3MB)
6.Construction and characterization of a Photosystem II
D1 mutant (arginine-269-glycine) of Chlamydomonas
Hutchison, R.S.; Jin, X.; Sayre, R.T.; Govindjee ,
pp. 83-92 , PDF (approx. 585.9KB)
7.Biochemical and spectroscopic properties of the
four-subunit quinol oxidase (cytochrome ba3) from
Paracoccus denitrificans
Zickermann, I.; Anemuller, S.; Richter, O.H.; Tautu,
O.S.; Link, T.A.; Ludwig, B. , pp. 93-102 , PDF
(approx. 585.9KB)
8.Influence of KF, DCMU and removal of Ca on the
high-spin EPR signal of the cytochrome b-559 heme
Fe(III) ligated by OH in chloroplasts
Hulsebosch, R.J.; Hoff, A.J.; Shuvalov, V.A. , pp.
103-106 , PDF (approx. 234.4KB)
9.Rescue of in vitro actin motility halted at high ionic
strength by reduction of ATP to submicromolar levels
Kellermayer, M.S.Z.; Pollack, G.H. , pp. 107-114 ,
PDF (approx. 468.8KB)
10.The role of acidic residues of plastocyanin in its
interaction with cytochrome f
Kannt, A.; Young, S.; Bendall, D.S. , pp. 115-126 ,
PDF (approx. 703.1KB)


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