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Subject: Behaviour Research and Therapy
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Behaviour Research and Therapy
(Link inactive 20 October 2004)
(Link active 20 October 2004)

A principle source of high quality behaviour research
papers, Behaviour Research and Therapy (BRAT) reflects
and promotes cognitive behaviour therapy for
psychological disorders. The scope of BRAT was expanded
in 1978 in keeping with the expansion of the subject
from behavioural therapy for psychopathological problems
to include what was originally termed behavioural
medicine. In 1993 the scope was expanded again following
the incorporation of the Journal Behavioural Assessment
and since 1996, with the incorporation of Advances in
Behaviour Research and Therapy (ABRAT), invited essays
are included in a special review section of the journal.
In order to allow for this expansion of content BRAT now
publishes 12 issues a year.

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