Biochemical Pharmacology


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Subject: Biochemical Pharmacology
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Biochemical Pharmacology

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Biochemical Pharmacology is an international journal which publishes
research findings in pharmacology deriving from investigations that employ
the disciplines of biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics,
structural biology, computer models and/or physiology. Reports of studies
with intact animals, organs, cells, subcellular components, enzymes or other
cellular molecules and model systems are acceptable if they define
mechanisms of drug action. Descriptive mathematical models including those
involving computer techniques are also welcome. Experiments involving the
use of drugs to elucidate physiological and behavioral mechanisms in living
organisms are also within the scope of the journal. In general, papers that
record concentrations of drugs and metabolites in body fluids will only be
accepted if they contribute to an understanding of biochemical and
biophysical mechanisms. The Editors, however, reserve the right to publish
any papers of major interest in the field. Only contributions in English
will be considered or published.

Full text articles in PDF format are freely accessible for subscribers to
the printed edition.

Editors: A.C. Sartorelli anf J.E. Gielen
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Tuesday, June 6, 2000
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