Biochemistry (Moscow)


Biochemistry (Moscow)
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Publisher: IAPC "Nauka/Interperiodica"

The monthly journal Biochemistry (Moscow) is the
international English edition of the Russian scientific
research journal Biokhimiya. Biokhimiya was founded by the
Russian Academy of Sciences (formerly Academy of
Sciences of the USSR) and the Russian Biochemical Society
in 1936. Since 1956 the journal has been followed by its
translation in English. The Russian and English editions
are now issued simultaneously. The journal includes
research papers in all fields of biochemistry as well as
biochemical aspects of molecular biology, bio-organic
chemistry, microbiology, immunology, physiology, and
biomedical sciences. Coverage also extends to: new experimental
methods in biochemistry, theoretical contributions of
biochemical importance, reviews of contemporary biochemical
topics and mini-reviews (News in Biochemistry). This
journal is intended for scientists, postgraduates,
teachers at universities and high schools, students, and
specialists at research institutes. It is also a valuable
resource, providing regular and essential information for
libraries of university research departments, biotechnology,
and biomedical departments.

Online access is free and issues date back to 1997.

Current editors:


V. P. Skulachev (Moscow, Russia)

Editor of English Edition:

R. H. Lozier (Washington - Moscow)

ISSN 0006-2979

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Thursday, October 2, 2003
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