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Created in 1982, this European biotechnology monthly magazine gives a
comprehensive picture of the world of biotechnology and its application in
all relevant sectors such as health, agro-food, agriculture, environment ...

Each month, Biofutur
- presents a collection of scientific, technical, commercial, economic and
legal information.
- examines company activities and the commercialization of new products
written by a leading business journalist.
- there is also a dossier on a subject of major interest such as
alternatives to animal experimentation, bacillus subtitles or gene
- a collection of useful items (patents, list of recent publications,
bibliography, training seminars).

Twice a year, Biofutur also publishes special issues on strategically
important areas (such as food and biotechnology, aids, thesea, monoclonal
antibodies, biotechnology and drug developments...).

Eleven times a year, Biofutur also offers an exhaustive technological
supplement, ``Le Technoscope'' which informs readers of the latest
developments in a particular technique or type of material.

Industry R&D Deciders Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Chemicals, Agro-food,
Biology), Public Research Centers, Institutions, Students and Teachers.

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