Biogenic Amines: International Journal of Stress and Neuroprotection


Biogenic Amines: International Journal of Stress and Neuroprotection

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers

The aim of Biogenic Amines is to meet the demand for an international
interdisciplinary journal integrating the publication of all aspects of
research on biogenic amines and amino acid transmitters, their relating
compounds and their interacting phenomena. The journal fulfils this aim by
publishing regular research papers and short communications.

Biogenic Amines welcomes submissions of papers which report original
research data on catecholamines, serotonin and interacting compounds (amino
acids, peptides, acetylcholine, phenol amines, histamine, polyamines and
other biologically active amines).

Papers from both basic research (methodology, histology, neurochemistry,
biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, receptor studies, pharmacology,
physiology and endocrinology) and from clinical research (neurology,
psychiatry, cardiovascular studies, internal medicine, gynaecology,
immunology and oncology) will be considered.

ISSN 0168-8561


S.H. Parvez
Neurendocrinologie & Neuropharmacologie du Développement
Institut Alfred Fessard

Content available by subscription. Abstracts available online. Articles
available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 18, Number 1 February 2003

Date: 29 April 2005

Original posting date: 
Friday, April 29, 2005
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