Subject: Biogerontology
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 20:09:21 -0500 (EST)


ISSN 1389-5729

'Biogerontology' is a new quarterly journal published by Kluwer Academic
Publishers. Editor-in-Chief is Dr Suresh Rattan. The first issue is
expected in the Spring of 2000. Further information, including Aims &
Scope, Editorial Board listing, Instructions for Authors and subscription
information can be found at the above URL.

'Biogerontology' will publish:

1. original research reports
2. reviews, hypotheses, new methods and interviews
3. special issues on specific topics relating to aging, health and

The science of healthy old age requires its own platform to bring forward
new ideas, and to encourage the scientific publication of innovative and
bold experimental manipulations in this regard.

'Biogerontology' therefore provides a peer-reviewed forum for publishing
original research data, new ideas and discussions about:

* Modulating the aging process by physical, chemical and
biological means, including transgenic and knockout

* Cell culture systems to develop new approaches and health
care products for maintaining and/or recovering the lost
biochemical functions

* Immunology, autoimmunity and infection in aging

* Vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants for
experimental studies on genetic determinants of aging and

* Biodemography and theoretical models linking aging and
survival kinetics.

Highlights of the forthcoming issues:

* The genetics and epigenetics of the aging skin

* Stress-induced maintenance repair, and prolonged longevity

* Modulating immunosenescence

* Cellular mortality and immortality

* High fidelity and long-lived mutants of Podospora

* Phage display technology as applicable to biogerontology

* In-depth interviews with Leonard Haflick, and J.


Peter Butler, Publishing Editor

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