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Subject: Biological Psychiatry
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Biological Psychiatry
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Biological Psychiatry

A Journal of Psychiatric Neuroscience
A Publication of the Society of Biological Psychiatry


This international rapid-publication journal, sponsored by the Society of
Biological Psychiatry, covers the whole range of psychiatric neuroscience.
Both basic and clinical contributions are encouraged from all disciplines
and research areas relevant to the pathophysiology and treatment of major
neuropsychiatric disorders. Full-length and Brief Reports of novel
results, Case Studies of unusual significance, and Correspondence and
Comments judged to be of high impact to the field are published,
particularly those addressing genetic and environmental risk factors,
neural circuitry and neurochemistry, and important new therapeutic
approaches. Concise Reviews and Editorials, generally invited by the
Editors, which focus on topics of current research and interest, are also
rapidly published.

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Psychiatrists, Neuroscientists, Physiologists,
Psychologists, Neurologists, Pharmacologists,

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Recent Contents:

Biological Psychiatry, Vol: 41, Issue: 11, June 1,

1.The Meta-Chlorophenylpiperazine Challenge Test in
Cocaine Addicts: Hormonal and Psychological
Buydens-Branchey, L.; Branchey, M.; Fergeson, P.;
Hudson, J.; McKernin, C. , pp. 1071-1086 , PDF
(approx. 937.5KB)
2.Neurophysiological Signs of Cocaine Dependence:
Increased Electroencephalogram Beta during
Herning, R.I.; Xiaoyan, G.; Better, W.E.; Weinhold,
L.L.; Lange, W.R.; Cadet, J.L.; Gorelick, D.A. , pp.
1087-1094 , PDF (approx. 468.8KB)
3.Buprenorphine and Naloxone Interactions in
Methadone Maintenance Patients
Mendelson, J.; Jones, R.T.; Welm, S.; Brown, J.;
Batki, S.L. , pp. 1095-1101 , PDF (approx.
4.Cavum Septi Pellucidi in Normals and Patients with
Schizophrenia as Detected by Magnetic Resonance
Nopoulos, P.; Swayze, V.; Flaum, M.; Ehrhardt, J.C.;
Yuh, W.T.C.; Andreasen, N.C. , pp. 1102-1108 ,
PDF (approx. 410.2KB)
5.Circadian Temperature and Cortisol Rhythms during a
Constant Routine Are Phase-Delayed in Hypersomnic
Winter Depression
Avery, D.H.; Dahl, K.; Savage, M.V.; Brengelmann,
G.L.; Larsen, L.H.; Kenny, M.A.; Eder, D.N.;
Vitiello, M.V.; Prinz, P.N. , pp. 1109-1123 , PDF
(approx. 878.9KB)

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