Biological Research For Nursing


Biological Research For Nursing

Publisher: SAGE Publications

One of the greatest challenges in nursing today is how to integrate
information from many basic disciplines‹biology, physiology, chemistry,
health policy, business, engineering, education, communication and the
social sciences‹into nursing research, theory and clinical practice.

Biological Research for Nursing is the only publication that helps nurse
researchers, educators, and practitioners meet this important challenge by
focusing on biological and physiological changes in healthy and unhealthy
populations from a nursing perspective.

Published quarterly, this essential journal offers original peer-reviewed
articles on:

* Normal and abnormal biological phenomena, such as pain management and
the effects of stress.
* Improvements in health care techniques developed through biological
and physiological research.
* New methods, instruments, and techniques for biological and
physiological health research.
* Theoretical foundations that increase understanding of biological and
physiological changes in health and illness.
* Pathophysiology and the biological foundations of nursing practice.
* Topics related to the teaching of the biological and physiological
bases of nursing practice.

Biological Research for Nursing features research papers, empirical and
theoretical articles, editorials, abstracts of recent dissertations, and
conference summaries that relate to nursing care written by scientists and
researchers in nursing and the basic sciences, such as:

Pathophysiology* Biochemistry* Medicinal Chemistry* Medical Physics*
Microbiology* Cell Biology* Developmental Biology *Genetics* Reproductive
Biology* Molecular Biology* Neuroscience* Pharmacology* Infectious Disease*
Oncology* Cardiovascular Disease* Pulmonary Function and Disease*
Dermatology* Wound Healing* Immunology* Anesthesiology* Endocrinology*
Gastroenterology* Hematology* Neonatology* Nephrology* Pathology*
Physiology* Nutrition* Pain Management* Anatomy.

ISSN: 1099-8004

Managing Editor:

Marnie Wiss
College of Nursing, Health Science Center
University of Florida
PO Box 100197
Gainesville, FL 32610-0197

Tel: 352-273-6404
Fax: 352-273-6573

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Current Issue: October 1 2005, Volume 7, No. 2

Date: 8 December 2005

Original posting date: 
Thursday, December 8, 2005
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