Biology and Fertility of Soils


Subject: Biology and Fertility of Soils
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Biology and Fertility of Soils

This electronic version of the print journal of the same name is published
by Springer Berlin Heidelberg. It publishes original papers, reviews and
short communications (in English) on all fundamental and applied aspects
of biology (microflora and microfauna) and fertility (productivity) of
soils. The intent is to provide a forum for research aimed at broadening
the understanding of biological functions, processes and interactions in
soils, particularly if the work concerned refers to the increasing demands
of agriculture, deforestation and industrialization. Articles on
techniques and methods that evaluate processes, biogeochemical
interactions and ecological stresses will be particularly welcome. To have
special issues on relevant subjects, the journal will call for coherent
reviews and paper at appropriate intervals. Manuscripts should fit within
the following main areas:

Soil biology: microflora and fauna, their processes, turn-over, and
interactions in soil or in model systems; microbial communities on plant
roots and their associations (nitrogen fixation, mycorrhiza); antagonisms
between symbiotic organisms and soil microorganisms; interrelationships
with physicochemical properties of soil colloids and interfaces;
edaphological and ecophysiological successions; aerobic processes under
anaerobic conditions.

Soil fertility: floral- and faunal-mediated processes that affect
(directly or indirectly) nutrient availability, uptake, soil-root
interrelationships and plant productivity in general; modelling of
mechanisms and processes in nutrient mobilization, immobilization and
organic matter stabilization; edaphon as a nutrient pool; effect of
treatments (organic and/or inorganic) and inhibitors (synthetic and/or
natural compounds) on edaphon and its activities.

Soil hygiene: effects of constraints (pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals,
"acid rain") or wastes (organic and inorganic) on the soil community and
its activity; influence of treatments and conditions on soil-borne plant
pathogens; disease-suppressive soils; metabolism, co-metabolism, uptake
and fate of pesticides and their metabolites; hazards and fate of
potentially pathogenic organisms in soils; bioaccumulations in food

Soil biotechnology: organisms and processes applied in biotechnology of
agricultural wastes; biological control techniques; inoculation of soils;
rhizosphere or composts; manipulation of soil microorganisms; soil- and
clay-immobilized cells and enzymes; scientifically based "alternative"
biological-organic approaches, compatible fertilizers; technologies
decreasing microbial ochre formation and sulfurication (acid sulphate
soils) or increasing subsoil denitrification (aquifer).

Articles are available for download by subscribers, who are provided
with a password for this purpose, as Adobe Acrobat portable document
files, but abstracts are available free-of-charge and no password is
required to view them.

Subscription Information:

-North America: Annual subscription rate: Approx. US $ 1,301.00 (single
issue price: approx. US $ 192.00), including carriage charges.
Subscriptions are entered with prepayment only.
-All other countries: Recommended annual subscription rate: 1790.00 plus
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ISSN print edition 0178-2762
ISSN electronic edition 1432-0789

Editor-in-Chief: J.C.G. Ottow

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