Biometrical Journal


Subject: Biometrical Journal
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 14:35:35 -0400 (EDT)

Biometrical Journal

ISSN: 1521-4036

BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL is an international journal for mathematical and
statistical methods used in biological sciences in the widest sense: in
biology, medicine, psychology, agriculture, forestry, ecology and others.
BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL promotes new contributions to the mathematical and
statistical theory as well as interesting and original appliations of known
theoretical methods in the field of biosciences.

The scope of BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL includes the development of mathematical
theory, the formulation and solution of
biometrical problems, model building in biological systems and the
consideration of computational aspects. Original papers, summary reports on
the latest development in the above areas and book reviews are accepted for
publication. Manuscripts should be submitted preferentially in English.
Besides, papers in German and French are admitted. Authors are held fuly
responsible for all information contained in their papers.

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Editor: Dr. Peter Bauer

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Monday, May 7, 2001
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