Biomolecular Engineering


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Subject: Biomolecular Engineering
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Biomolecular Engineering

Note: Continued as New Biotechnology
(Link active 4 June 2008)
(Link inactive 4 June 2008)

Content through December 2007 available at:

Biomolecular Engineering publishes articles in the rapidly evolving research
field developing from the fusion of molecular and cellular science with
engineering. This includes the development and application of novel
molecular tools including regulatory pathways, materials and approaches that
are the focus of applied and basic research within industry, academia and
medicine. Full length, or short original research articles, timely reviews,
meeting reports, or editorial commentaries are welcome. An efficient
manuscript review process (averaging less than 3 weeks) is in place in order
to expedite publication.

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Editor: Cassandra L. Smith

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Wednesday, November 7, 2001
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