Biophysics (Russia)


Biophysics (Russia)

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Biophysics covers a wide scope of problems related to the main physical
mechanisms of processes taking place on different organization levels in

It includes structure and dynamics of molecules, cells and tissues; the
influence of environment; energy transformation and transfer;
thermodynamics; biological motility; population dynamics and cell
differentiation modeling; biomechanics and tissue rheology; non-linear
phenomena, mathematical cybernetics modeling of complex systems;
computational biology.

Biophysics exercises a multidisciplinary approach and presents the complete
pattern of relevant basic research in former Soviet and Eastern European
countries. The Letters to the Editor section is dedicated to rapid
publications of special interest. Reviews and mini-reviews are devoted to
problems of general interest. The size of manuscripts is not limited.

Published for the Russian Academy of Sciences by Maik Nauka/Interperiodica.
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ISSN: 0006-3509 (print version)
ISSN: 1555-6654 (electronic version)


Evgenii E. Fesenko
Maronovskii per. 26
Moscow, 119991 Russia

Phone: 7-(495) 230-7967

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