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Bioresource Technology

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The journal publishes original papers, review articles, case studies and
other material for the professional in the fundamentals, applications and
management of bioresource technology. The journal's aim is to advance and
disseminate knowledge in all related areas such as biomass, biological waste
treatment, bioenergy, biotransformations and bioresource systems analysis,
and technologies associated with conversion or production. Both
high-technology and low-technology methods, processes and systems are

Topics include:
Production: crops, forestry, productivity enhancement and bioenergy
Feedstocks: biomass, agricultural and food processing residues, municipal
wastes, energy crops
Environmental protection: bioremediation, recycling, conservation
Thermochemical conversion technologies: combustion, pyrolysis,
gasification, catalysis, etc.
Biochemical conversion technologies: aerobic methods, anaerobic digestion,
microbial growth processes, enzymatic methods, composting
Products: fibre, fuels, feedstocks, fertilisers, building materials,
polymers and other industrial products
Management: modelling, systems analysis, decisions, support systems

The journal also includes reports of conferences, book reviews, news items,
details of forthcoming meetings and contributions describing industrial

Bioresource Technology is affiliated with Biomass Energy Research
Association, USA [BERA] and Biomass and Biofuels Association UK [BABA].

Biotechnologists, chemical engineers, resource, energy and conservation
scientists, process technologists, applied microbiologists, farm and
industrial waste technologists.

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