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Subject: Biorheology
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 00:22:19 -0400

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Content prior to 1999 available at:

Recent Contents:

- Effects of the glycocalyx on the electrophoretic mobility of red cells and
on streaming potentials in blood vessels: predictions of a
structurally-based model
- The osmotic pressure of chondroitin sulphate solutions: Experimental
measurements and theoretical analysis
- Thermomechanical analysis of collagen crosslinking in the developing ovine
thoracic aorta
- Computational study of the effect of geometric and flow parameters on the
steady flow field at the rabbit aorto-celiac bifurcation
- A mechanism for erythrocyte-mediated elevation of apparent viscosity by
leukocytes in vivo without adhesion to the endothelium

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