Biosciences International


Biosciences International

Biosciences International is a peer-reviewed Open Access

Online Journal, publishes reviews, research articles, short

communications and case studies in all areas of General and

Applied Biological Science. Topics covered include, Plant

Science, Animal Science, Biochemical Studies, Aquatic

Biology, Aerial Biology and other inter-related disciplines.

Biosciences International, aims to provide the most complete

and reliable source of information on current developments

in all areas of Biological Science. The emphasis will be on

publishing high-quality articles, in English rapidly and

freely available to researchers worldwide.

All articles will be peer-reviewed. Accepted Papers will be

published online usually in the coming issue.


Open Access Journal hosted by the publisher with no barriers

to online access. It is a publication model that enables the

wide dissemination of research articles to the global

community without restriction. Thus, all articles published

under open access can be accessed by anyone connected to

world wide web.

Biosciences International introduces OPEN PEER REVIEW POLICY

(OPRP) and OPEN CRITIC POLICY (OCP) in its publication

works. Article published through these stages will be

certified accordingly which will be quoted on the last page

of manuscript as

“This is to certify that the paper have been published in

accordance to OPEN PEER REVIEW POLICY (OPRP) and is

applicable to OPEN CRITIC POLICY (OCP). For more information

log on


Biosciences International Journal is now going strongly to

recommend the concept of OPEN PEER REVIEW POLICY (OPRP) in

its publication processes alongside with ongoing review

model. The concept in the present era seems to be the sole

solution in order to avoid palagiarism, fraudulent and other

related aspects in scientific communications in open access

journals. Any paper submitted to Biosciences Journal and

provisionally accepted by editorial and review board to be

fit for publication will be first published in/and as dummy

format (without authors names and affiliation). Anyone

around the world can put his/her review comments onto the

manuscript as to why the manuscript should not be published

in final format after providing concrete scientific proof

small grammatical errors should be avoided (until not

changing the sense of sentences). Comments should be

submitted with proof to The

identity of the person will be kept blind and the comments

will be passed to author(s) for consideration and

discussion. After full justification from authors in

accordance to comments the papers may be finally published.

Papers receiving no comments in OPRP status will be

automatically published.

TIME: Articles will be in OPRP status for one month and

after that no comment will be entertained.


To make the scientific publications to large extent

accurate, OPRP has been taking into consideration. In

addition, to make accuracy a further stage upward, OCP is to

be applicable. If someone fails to provide comments during

OPRP status of the manuscript, he/she can provide their

feedback in the form of critic letters (CLs) to managing

editor. The CLs will be published in letter section of the

upcoming issues. Any letter criticizing the reviewer or

editorial member will not be entertained as being against

the policies of publications, if so, the sentences

highlighting critic to editor or reviewer will be deleted.

It is important to note that the name of person submitting

CL will be published with the letter itself.

TIME: No time limits. Researchers or anybody interested may

submit critic letters at any time against any published

paper in Biosciences International according to the format:

ISSN: 2278–1072

Managing Editor: M IMRAN


Subject: General Biological Science, Applied Biological Science.
Topics covered include, Plant Science, Animal Science, Biochemical
Studies, Aquatic

Biology, Aerial Biology

Date Posted: 29th January, 2013

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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