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Subject: Bioseparation
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Publication discontinued after completion of Volume 10 (2000).

Bioseparation publishes papers on all aspects of separation science
applicable or potentially applicable to commercial-scale biotechnological

Areas of particular interest include:
- recovery and purification of proteins, carbohydrates, antibiotics,
biopolymers and other biomolecules
- cell harvesting, cell disruption and primary separation
- recovery of extracellular enzymes
- process development and control, especially integration of operations and
continuous processing
- phase partitioning, flocculation, centrifugation, filtration and
- adsorption, chromatography, membrane-based separations and electrophoresis
- developments and refinement of existing techniques
- applications of genetic engineering technology to bioseparation
- effects of cell physiology and compartmentalisation on separation
- economics of separation processes.

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Monday, November 12, 2001
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