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Subject: Biotechnology Advances
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Biotechnology Advances

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In this review journal, biotechnology is viewed in a comprehensive context:
a multidisciplinary field in which biological systems are developed and/or
used for the provision of commercial goods or services. Biotechnology
Advances is devoted to all areas of biotechnology including relevant aspects
of its disciplinary underpinnings in biology, chemistry and engineering. The
primary purpose is to provide regular, rapid but authoritative reviews of
important advances in this field for students, researchers, managers and
others in industry, government and academia. A timely series of research
review papers, patent abstracts and summaries of special government reports
on the principles and practices of biotechnology are covered quarterly.
Occasionally, special issues will be published as proceedings of appropriate
conferences and symposia. Organizers of such meetings should contact the
Editors for further details.

Biotechnologists, Technical Biochemists, Biochemical and Environmental
Engineers involved in pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, fuels,
chemicals, waste treatment, agriculture, mining and medicine.

Table of Contents and abstracts are available in HTML format.

Editor: M. Moo-Young

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Wednesday, June 7, 2000
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