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Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Latest Contents:
- Polymer supports for streamlined organic synthesis
- Resin effects in solid phase SnAr and Sn2 macrocyclizations
- Streamlined synthesis of substituted 2-Aminothiazoles using tandem
precipitative and polymer-assisted reactions
- Automated solid-phase synthesis of linear nitrogen-linked compounds
- Synthesis of highly substituted 5-(trifluoromethyl)ketoimidazoles using a
mixed-solid/solution phase motif
- Polymer-supported silyl cyanide and silyl azide: Useful reagents for
solid-phase applicationsSolid-phase combinatorial synthesis using MicroKan
reactors, Rf tagging, and directed sortingPolymer-assisted solution-phase
(PASP) library synthesis of -ketoamides
- Synthesis and biological evaluation of a targeted library of protein
phosphatase inhibitors
- The preparation of amino-substituted biaryl libraries: The application of
solid-supported reagents to streamline solution-phase synthesis
- Resin activation capture technology: Libraries from stabilized
acyl-pyridinium on solid support

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