Biotechnology Journal (BTJ)


Biotechnology Journal (BTJ)

Publisher: WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Forthcoming 2006

Biotechnology Journal (BTJ) is the new, international resource for both
biotechnology researchers and professionals in related disciplines. Fully
comprehensive in its scope, the journal publishes strictly peer reviewed
papers covering novel aspects and methods in all areas of biotechnology,
especially those focusing on healthcare, nutrition and technology. Special
attention is also paid to the public, legal, ethical and cultural aspects of
biotechnological research.

Each issue is devoted to a special topic, providing the latest comprehensive
information on the most crucial areas of research and technological
advances. Alongside each highlighted topic, the journal contains original
papers in the form of full papers, short communications and technical
reports, illustrating the latest research results. In addition, special
review issues bring readers up to date on developments in all areas of


* Healthcare
Good and long-lasting health is the most important quality in the life of a
human being. Modern biotechnology is increasingly contributing to advancing
the diagnosis and therapy of diseases, many of which are life threatening or
currently incurable. Only biotechnology can transform data from basic
science into marketable products. Therefore, healthcare stretches from basic
science to product development, clinical testing and modern marketing.

* Nutrition
The growing world population and the demand of the individual for
nutritional food requires better crops and new methods of food production
and quality control. Increased food production needs to develop in line with
environmental protection with respect to biodiversity, soil and water. Such
ambitious goals can only be realized by using traditional and molecular
biotechnology. Only these techniques can guarantee a food supply that is
cheap, tasty and healthy.

* Technology
Technology is the art of transforming theoretical concepts into useful
products. Fermentation using living organisms has a long tradition in the
production of pharmaceuticals, food and other consumables, but it needs
continuous improvement with respect to the organisms used and the technology
applied. Only very advanced technology can guarantee that healthcare and
nutrition be supplied to many, yet at a fair price. Technology based on
chemistry or biology has to be performed in such a way that environmental
protection is maximized.

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