Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today: Reviews


Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today: Reviews

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The journey of the vertebrate embryo through development is the critical
stage from which birth defects derive. Understanding the full range of
activities in the developing embryo is therefore central to deciphering the
mechanisms responsible for birth defects. The field of developmental biology
has indeed become one of the most fascinating and most rapidly evolving
biomedical research areas. Empowered by the analytical prowess of
biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular genetics, developmental biologists
have made tremendous inroads into mapping the sequence of events of
embryogenesis, and the mechanisms regulating these events.

This journal, Birth Defects Research ­ Part C: Embryo Today ­ Reviews, aims
to provide scientists, clinicians, educators, and students in the biomedical
sciences with state-of-the-art review articles that capture the exciting
advances and growth in the field of developmental biology. The unifying
theme is the ³embryo² as an integrative system for scientific investigation
and Embryo Today will focus on reviews that critically evaluate knowledge in
embryology and developmental biology in a multidisciplinary manner, as well
as technical advances that have a significant impact on the study of
embryology and development.

The goal of the journal is to present a coherent synthesis of basic
principles and concepts and the practice of embryology, targeted for a broad
audience consisting of developmental biologists, biomedical scientists, and
clinicians. The special emphasis will be on topics that cover embryology,
abnormal development, and embryology and development as it relates to
clinical medicine.

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Current Issue: Volume 78, Issue 2 (June 2006)

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