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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 03:17:41 GMT
Subject: Blue Penny Quarterly

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From: Philip McEldowney <>
Subject: Blue Penny Quarterly

The Blue Penny Quarterly: an International Literary Quarterly

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Welcome to the Home Page of
The Blue Penny Quarterly
an international literary quarterly.

Our goal is to bring high-quality literary writing into the electronic
communities, and to provide good writers greater exposure using the
best of the technologies available to us in a creative, yet dignified
manner. We are published quarterly as a service to readers, writers,
and the online communities by a volunteer staff, and are available
free of charge.

From this site you can do a number of things:

You can READ the Magazine, of course:

Volume 1, Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 3

Volume 1, Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 1
>>>>> ETC.
You can read the boring legal stuff, as follows: The Blue Penny
Quarterly (ISSN 1079-042x) is copyright 1995 by Douglas L. Lawson, all
rights reserved. Rights of individual works revert to the authors and


Why "Blue Penny"?
A letter from the editor, from Issue #1:

Thanks for investigating The Blue Penny Quarterly. I hope you'll find
writing here that you like.

Why the name? I waited tables in Maine while I was learning to write.
(Though I'm still learning. You're always learning.) I had three
coffee cans full of change--two of them pennies. I was never one of
those people who'd sit there and roll change up in those wrappers you
get from the bank. I'm still not--those things are annoying. I decided
to paint them a bright, cobalt blue and scatter them around the city.
There are cities in Maine. Well, one.

I didn't. I moved for a last-minute writing fellowship and left them
for the next occupants of that old apartment, with the unheated
writing room off the back and the view of the squirrels running across
the green fence. The cans were rusting, we moved quickly in an old
Toyota hatchback and it was the pennies or the cactus. I have lots of
excuses. I like cactuses. Cacti? Cacti.

Later it occurred to me that a digital magazine like this, given the
current state of technology, could be much the same thing as those
blue pennies I had imagined. Cheap. Original. Dignified. Easy to carry
and pass along. Blue.

Personally, I hope this magazine gets everywhere. These good writers
deserve that. I hope I come across an issue of Blue Penny somewhere in
Southeast Asia on some creaking BBS with one phone line. I hope it
reaches everyone everywhere with a computer who still spends time
reading good work. And I hope you like it. Special effects are
minimal. The effort right now is to present good writing that speaks
for itself . . . .

Thanks again!


-Douglas L. Lawson

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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