Board Leadership: Policy Governance in Action


Board Leadership: Policy Governance in Action

Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Six times a year, Board Leadership: Policy Governance in Action offers the
insights of one of America's most innovative and sought-after board
consultants. John Carver's unique approach to governance has already
radically improved the way hundreds of boards conduct business, and
improving governance means improving the entire organization.

Board Leadership accepts manuscripts of between 500 and 2,500 words on a
broad range of Policy Governance topics.

Online ISSN: 1542-7862
Print ISSN: 1061-4249

Managing Editor:

Ocean Howell

Content available by subscription.

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 2006, Issue 83 (January/February 2006)

Date: 25 January 2006

Original posting date: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
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