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Brain and Mind

Note: Discontinued as of completion of volume 4 (December 2003).

Archive available at:
(Link active 28 June 2006)
(Link inactive 28 June 2006)

Brain & Mind is a bilingual (English/Portugeuse) electronic magazine
published with the purpose of presenting knowledge about Neuroscience, as
well as information which may lead to a better understanding of normal and
pathological mental processes that occur in a human being, by using a
clear and accessible language to students, non specialists and lay

Brain and Mind will give you an up-to-date, clear and objective view about
the human brain and mind. It will make you ponder not only about your own
ability to walk, eat, and reproduce, but also about your ability to think
and to perceive, to love and to hate, to learn and to remember, to
communicate through speech and writing, and thus to contribute to the
evolution of your own internal world.

Recent Articles:

* The External Architecture of the Brain
* Special : 3D images from the Visible Human
* Human Memory: What is It and How to Improve It
* Hypnosis: From Myth to Reality
* PET Scan: A New Window Into The Brain
* Phrenology: The History of Brain Localization
* Civilization and Insanity


Silvia Helena Cardoso, Editor-in-Chief,

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