Brown University Psychopharmacology Update


Brown University Psychopharmacology Update

Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Each issue examines the pros and cons of specific drugs, drug-drug
interactions, side effects, street drugs, warning signs, case reports and
more. The Brown University Psychopharmacology Update always is on target
with comprehensive coverage on treating psychiatric disorders with
pharmacological agents.

Main Features:

* Two in-depth feature articles per issue
* Expert written Drug-Drug Interaction column
* What's New in Research section
* Case Reports and Industry/FDA News
* A patient medication handout with every issue

Online ISSN: 1556-7532
Print ISSN: 1608-5308


Lawrence Price, M.D.
Brown University
Box G-BH
Providence, RI 02912-G

Tel: 401-455-6533
Fax: 401-455-6534

Content available by subscription.

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 6 (June 2007)

Date: 1 May 2007

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
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