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American Cancer Society Journal

For immediate release

Full text of American Cancer Society journal, CANCER, free (for a*
limited* time) on the Web

The American Cancer Society journal CANCER is now available on the World
Wide Web at

One of the oldest and most distinguished U.S.-based journals serving the
field of oncology, CANCER is meeting the changing demands of its
readership by providing subscribers with online access to the full text of
current CANCER articles.

CANCER Online will be free of charge *until March 31, 1997.* After March
31, 1997, access privileges will be available only to paid subscribers of
the print version. Content that will remain free of charge after March
31, 1997, includes abstracts and tables of contents with precis.

CANCER Online features:

* Tables of contents precis and abstracts
* A search function to locate specific authors or key terms in titles,
abstracts, and article text
* Links to MEDLINE abstracts with citations in the References sections
* A Press Room with news alerts and press releases
* A Product Information Page with selected links to the Websites of
medical and pharmaceutical product advertisers
* Links to websites such as the American Cancer Society and the National
Cancer Institute
* A link to CANCER CYTOPATHOLOGY, a new section of CANCER to be published
six times per year beginning in February 1997.

CANCER Online provides the full text of all manuscripts of CANCER for
1997. Each article appears in a single window which can be scrolled or
printed out, while special anchor-links let users jump directly to
sections within an article. Hyperlinks within the text quickly call up
figures, tables, and reference citations--and a simple set of navigational
buttons make transferring between different areas in the site fast and

"The inauguration of CANCER Online as an adjunct to CANCER in print is a
great advance toward the realization of one of the American Cancer
Society's major strategic goals in providing cancer information," said Dr.
Harmon J. Eyre, Executive Vice President for Research and Cancer Control
at the national headquarters of the American Cancer Society. "With this
timely information, physicians will be better able to advise cancer
patients and their families about all the treatment options available to
them, and patients diagnosed with cancer will be empowered to make
informed decisions about their treatment."

Now in its 49th year of publication, CANCER is a peer-reviewed publication
of the American Cancer Society whose objective is to provide an
interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of information among oncologic
disciplines concerned with the etiology and course of human cancer. In
keeping with the mission of the American Cancer Society, CANCER also seeks
to contribute to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, cure, and
rehabilitation, and to diminish suffering from cancer.

*Media* interested in accessing CANCER Online can register and view the
site immediately. Those reporters interested in maintaining their online
access after March 31, 1997, can contact Michael Darden at (212) 850-6484
for complimentary subscription information. *All other orders/inquiries,*
please contact 1-800-825-7550 or <>.

Robert V.P. Hutter, M.D., Editor-in-Chief
Published for the American Cancer Society by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISSN: 0008-543X
CANCER is published 30 times/year (includes new *Cancer Cytopathology*

Contact: Michael Darden (Wiley) 212/ 850-6484
Joann Schellenbach (American Cancer Society) 212/ 382-2169


Michael A. Darden
Journals & Professional Books Publicist
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158-0012
TEL: (212) 850-6484
FAX: (212) 850-6799

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