Cayapa: Revista Venezolana de Economia Social


Cayapa: Revista Venezolana de Economía Social

Publisher: Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo Integral Sustentable
(CIDIS), Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela

Cayapa aims at disseminating information and analysis on cooperatives and
other organizations that are part of the social economy. The magazine has an
interdisciplinary nature, addressing the social economy from the historical
perspective of management science, economics, law, sociology, others.

It also has an international character and is open to all currents of
thought. The work can be results of field investigations or theoretical

ISSN 0718-1671


Madeleine Richer
Apartado Postal 22, oficina postal Humboldt
Mérida, Venezuela

Telefax: (58) (274) 266 6501

Cayapa is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the

Abstracts available online in Spanish and English. Articles available in PDF
format in Spanish.

Current Issue: Año 7 - Number 14 julio - diciembre 2007

Date: 30 July 2008

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
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