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CD-ROM Online!
Issue 1 Vol 1

Ahoy mates! Welcome to the launching of the first issue of CD-ROM
Online! By subscribing to CD-ROM Online you get quality news and
information about the fast paced CD-ROM industry beamed directly to your
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please be sure to include your telephone number for verification. Nexus
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Well, enough said, I hope you enjoy this issue!

The Holiday Gift Guide ---------------------- The holidays are upon us!
Christmas music is on the radio, Santa Claus is on every street corner,
and the frenzied shopper is in the mall. I still haven't gotten all my
gifts yet, but I have found some interesting ones for my family and my
hard to please boss. Hopefully, some of these can come in handy for you


I remember when I was ten years old and we took our family vacation.
The whole family piled into the old Ford station wagon with the cheap
wood paneling. Those vacations were great until Dad tried to take a
short cut Uncle Marty told him about. We turned off the main road to
some little trail and within five hours we made it to where we were
going (normally a three hour trip). I remember looking at maps that
wouldnt fold back together. The print was just a little too small, and
the road that I was looking for was not built when the map was drawn.
Well now I don't have to worry, because things sure have changed.
DeLorme's Map'N'Go ($48/Windows) covers all of the bases. With
Map'N'Go, the trip planner in my family (my wife) plans it, routes it,
and prints it right from our computer at home.

Not only does Map'N'Go allow us to plan a route from over one million
miles of road, but it also contains over 20,000 hotels. A really nice
feature of Map'N'Go is that it lets us view a slide show of the sights
along our route. There is even an audio clip that narrates the journey.

Restaurants along the way are also listed. Now we will save time,
aggravation, gas, and money by choosing the shortest and fastest route
along with the best hotel in our price range. Each hotel is described
in detail with phone numbers. I can print out the customized travel
plan, which automatically calculates driving time and distance. No more
getting lost unless we want to. I wish we had this when I was a kid.


Something that everyone can always use is Shareware. Shareware is
software that is written by a programmer and distributed on a try before
you buy basis.

Planet Shareware ($19/Windows) is one disc I have found that covers
games and utilities for all the major operating systems -- DOS, Windows,
Windows NT, and OS/2. With 600MB's of programs just jumping off this
disc, even the most avid Shareware collector can find something that
they don't have.

A really well designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows you to
easily look through the collection of programs. At first, I thought
that 600 MB's of information is too much to sort through. Luckily,
Planet Shareware comes with a global search function that searches the
entire disc by product description or by program name. The Global
Search is useful when I'm looking for a single program to do a specific

This disc also contains a specially designed feature that is not found
elsewhere. The feature is called "TestDrive". This feature allows me
to uninstall the program, if I decide not to keep it.

After trying a new program, I may realize it isn't what I was looking
for. I then have to go back, delete the program from my system, and
remove the icons from Windows. Planet Shareware has reduced this to one
click of the mouse. TestDrive will set up the program as well as a
program group and icons for Windows. You can then test out the software
and if you are not satisfied with the program, you can remove it from
your system with just the click of a button.

This disc is perfect for people that are looking for an excellent
collection of software at their finger tips without actually cluttering
up their system. Highly Recommended.


At CD-ROM Online, we find that some of the hardest people to shop for
today are kids. There are so many programs and CD's out there full of
violence and adult material, but what about the kids? In an ever
changing world, our kids need to know all they can about computers. One
way to do this while keeping them entertained is through CD-ROM's.
Maybe you have a niece, nephew, or child of your own that you have to
purchase a present for. I have a couple of gift ideas for you.

For children ages 3-8, "Just Grandma and Me" ($20/Windows, $42/Mac) is
perfect. "Just Grandma and Me," from Broderbund's Living Books
collection, is an endearing story where a character named Little
Critter, and his Grandma, take a bus to the beach. During the day
Little Critter gets into all sorts of mischief and mayhem and has the
time of his life. From kissing fish to fending off nasty crabs Little
Critter does it all.

All of the Living Books titles aren't just stories that are told to the
children, they are interactive stories that children hear, read, and
participate in. This not only entertains children, but it can also
improve their reading skills. "Just Grandma and Me" is a multilingual
disc, with Spanish and Japanese versions. This is a perfect present for
that little critter of yours, and is also enjoyable for grown-ups.


Children of all ages adore Animals ($17/Windows, $42/Mac). Here's a new
disc that lets them examine and study the animals of the world. With
video and sound technology they can hear over 200 animals, birds and
reptiles. There is over one hour of video clips. All the information
on this disc is up to date and comes from the experts at the San Diego
Zoo. Clicking on a habitat zone on the map will instantly take you to
the animals that live in one of the Earth's major climate zones.

This disc is a gift that both children and their parents will
appreciate. This is not a game, but it is just as fun. Your children
will learn all there is to know about many of the animals in the world.


CD-ROM Online is delivered to you free every month. In exchange for
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All of us at CD-ROM Online would like to wish you the best of the
holiday season. Thank you for subscribing to CD-ROM Online, and thank
you for your support.

See you next issue,
The Editors and Staff at CD-ROM

Top Twenty CD-ROM Titles December 1994

1. Star Wars Rebel Assault
2. The 7th Guest
3. Microsoft Encarta '95
4. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
5. Myst
6. The Lawnmower Man
7. Lands of Lore
8. Commanche CD
9. Kings Quest VI
10. Star Trek 25th Anniversary
11. Arthurs Teacher Trouble
12. Microsoft Bookshelf 94
13. Doom 2
14. Just Grandma and Me
15. Grolliers Multimedia Encyclopedia
16. Critical Path
17. Return to Zork
18. The King's Quest Collectors Edition
19. MegaRace
20. Five Foot Ten Pack Volume 2


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