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Cell & Chromosome


Publisher: BioMed Central

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Cell & Chromosome publishes original articles in the rapidly
proliferating field of cell and chromosome biology. Manuscripts which
deal with various aspects of cell division, including interphase cell
cycle activities, chromosome structure, segregation, malsegregation and
manipulation, are welcome. Cell & Chromosome emphasizes publications in
basic and applied biology including those which present a coherent and
unified view of these aspects as interdependent upon each other. The
journal would, therefore, publish studies on morphological, biochemical,
biophysical, and molecular aspects of

* (i) cell cycle including check points,
* (ii) mechanisms of mitosis and meiosis including cohesion, adhesion
and decatenation,
* (iii) mechanisms of cell division and chromosome segregation, as
well as malsegregation leading to aneuploidy or genetic instability,
* (iv) biology of the organelles bearing on these aspects e.g.,
centromeres, kinetochores, telomeres, chromosome arms, spindle-associated
elements like microtubules, microfilaments, and centrosomes,
* (v) implication of these processes resulting in abnormalities, e.g.,
birth defects, miscarriage and cancer in humans and
* (vi) construction of artificial chromosomes in lower as well as
higher eukaryotes, chromosome manipulation and biotechnological

The journal would, therefore, serve as an interface for
transition from fundamental to applied aspects.

Being an online publication, Cell & Chromosome can process manuscripts
in a very short period of time, with immediate publication on
acceptance. One significant advantage offered by Cell & Chromosome is
publication of films of the dynamic processes of the cell and chromosomes.

ISSN: 1475-9268

Editor-in-Chief: Baldev K Vig email: cell@unr.edu <mailto:cell@unr.edu>

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
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