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Subject: Cerebral Cortex
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 13:00:37 -0500 (EST)

Cerebral Cortex


Cerebral Cortex publishes papers on the development, organization,
plasticity, and function of the cerebral cortex, including the
hippocampus. Studies with clear relevance to the cerebral cortex, such as
the thalamocortical relationship or cortico-subcortical interactions, are
also included.

The journal is multidisciplinary and covers the large variety of modern
Neurobiological and neuropsychological techniques, including anatomy,
biochemistry, molecular neurobiology, electrophysiology, behavior,
artificial intelligence, and theoretical modeling. In addition to research
articles, special features such as brief reviews, book reviews, and
commentaries are included.

Cerebral Cortex is published 6 times yearly.

Access to this full-text electronic version of the print journal of the
same title is available through paid subscription. Articles are provided
as PDF files.

Recent Contents:

Feature article. Consciousness and neuroscience
F Crick and C Koch
pp. 97-107

EAAC1, a high-affinity glutamate transporter, is localized to
astrocytes and gabaergic neurons besides pyramidal cells in
the rat cerebral cortex
F Conti, S DeBiasi, A Minelli, JD Rothstein and M Melone
pp. 108-116

A profile of cortical gray matter volume deficits characteristic
of schizophrenia
EV Sullivan, KO Lim, D Mathalon, L Marsh, DM Beal, D Harris,
AL Hoff, WO Faustman and A Pfefferbaum
pp. 117-124

The posterior field P of cat auditory cortex: coding of
envelope transients
P Heil and DRF Irvine
pp. 125-141

Neonatal treatment with 192 IgG-saporin produces long-term
forebrain cholinergic deficits and reduces dendritic branching
and spine density of neocortical pyramidal neurons
RT Robertson, KA Gallardo, KJ Claytor, DH Ha, K-H Ku, BP
Yu, JC Lauterborn, RG Wiley, J Yu, CM Gall and FM Leslie
pp. 142-155

Auditory cortical responses in hearing subjects and unilateral
deaf patients as detected by functional magnetic resonance
K Scheffler, D Bilecen, N Schmid, K Tschopp and J Seelig
pp. 156-163

Age-related differences in distractibility and response to
methylphenidate in monkeys
MA Prendergast, WJ Jackson, AV Terry Jnr, NJ Kille, SP Arneric,
MW Decker and JJ Buccafusco
pp. 164-172

Optical imaging and electrophysiology of rat barrel cortex. I.
Responses to small single-vibrissa deflections
BE Peterson, D Goldreich and MM Merzenich
pp. 173-183


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