Cerebrospinal Fluid Research


Cerebrospinal Fluid Research


Publisher: BioMed Central

Cerebrospinal Fluid Research is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online
journal that considers manuscripts on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in health
and disease.

The CSF, its composition, circulation and absorption have vital roles for
normal and abnormal brain function. CSF is important for chemical signaling,
physical and chemical buffering, neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental
disorders such as hydrocephalus and neural tube defects, brain inflammation,
brain injury and repair, normal pressure hydrocephalus and neurodegenerative
diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. The CSF
can be used for the diagnosis of neurological diseases and as a route for
drug delivery to the brain. Cerebrospinal Fluid Research aims to provide a
dedicated avenue for the dissemination of research into all molecular and
physiological aspects of CSF and related disorders.

CSF is a subject area that does not have a specialist platform. To date
articles are published in a variety of different journals. This journal will
provide the platform, offering quality peer-review of manuscripts on
secretory physiology, molecular biology of transporters, peptides and growth
factors as they relate to CSF, brain homeostasis and neurological diseases.
It will bring together researchers expert in various aspects of the CSF and
will promote synthesis and dialogue. The intention is also to publish, as
supplements, the proceedings of scientific meetings in relevant subject

Cerebrospinal Fluid Research considers the following types of articles:

* Research - reports of data from original research.
* Book reviews - short summaries about the strengths and weaknesses of a
book. They should evaluate its overall usefulness to the intended audience.
* Commentaries - short, focussed and opinionated articles on any subject
within the scope of the journal. These articles are usually related to a
contemporary issue of a recent research finding.
* Reviews - comprehensive, authoritative descriptions of any subject
within the scope of the journal. These articles are usually written by
opinion leaders that have been invited by the Editorial Board.

All articles will be published and listed in PubMed immediately upon
acceptance (after peer review).

ISSN: 1743-8454

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Cerebrospinal Fluid
Research using the online submission system.


Dr. Hazel C Jones
Courtesy Professor
University of Florida
Pharmacology and Therapeutics
United States

Email: hjones@ufl.edu

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Current Issue: Volume 1:6 (10 December 2004)

Date: 2 March 2005

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