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Publisher: The Chinese Chemical Society and Shanghai Institute of
Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Journal of Chemistry is an international journal published by
the Chinese Chemical Society and Shanghai Institute of Organic
Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The English Journal publishes
original research work in the fields of physical chemistry, inorganic
chemistry, organic chemistry and analytic chemistry in the forms of
Account, Article, Note and Communication. Each issue contains Graphic
Abstract, Title, Author, Address, Abstract, Keywords, References.

The journal was originally in entitled as Acta Chimica Sinica English
Edition bimonthly starting from 1983 and changed into Chinese Journal of
Chemistry in 1990, and no longer in repetition of its Chinese version.

The journal is also the kernel publication chosen by the Chinese
Chemical Society and Chinese Science and Technology Association, and one
of the major journals in English published by the Chinese Chemical Society.

The journal has been supported by the Publishing Foundation of Chinese
Academy of Sciences and Special Foundation of Chinese Science and
Technology Association on fundamental and high technology natural
science journals.

Chinese Journal of Chemistry has been subscribed in various colleges and
universities, information centers of scientific research units and
libraries in China, USA, Japan, Europe and so on.

The journal has been abstracted by CA (Chemical Abstracts).

The journal has also been included in SCI (Science Citation Index), CCI
(Chemistry Citation Index) and CC (Current Contents/Physical, Chemical &
Earth Sciences) of American ISI (Institute for Scientific Information).
Other journals included in Chinese Journal of Chemistry are: Soviet
Union Digest of Soviet Union, Chinese Science Database (mainly for
kernel journals in natural science). Digest for Academic Journal and
Chinese National Center (connected to the International Database of
International Center) for ISDS (International Serial Data System).

Since its publication, leaders from the Chinese Science and Technology
Association, the Chinese Chemical Society have supported Chinese Journal
of Chemistry. Leaders of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,
Chinese Academy of Science, pay much attention to the journal. The
present chief editor is Professor Ji Guo-Zhen, vice-director of Shanghai
Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, former vice-director of Shanghai
Organic Chemistry Institute. The board of Editors is composed of notable
academicians, professors and specialists as well as international
well-known chemists. The director of the Editorial Board is Professor Ma
Sheng-Ming. It is expected that more young people who are responsible
and of high academic level will join the Board of Editors.

The journal has attracted attention of many outstanding chemists both at
home and abroad. They have recommended a great number of excellent
patters to the journal and some foreign experts express their wish to
publish their research findings on the journal. It has been noted that
many young people who are at the scientific frontier also submit their
papers to the journal.

Most papers published in this journal are sponsored by the National
Natural Science Foundation of China and some work received various
prizes such as the National Natural Science Award from Chinese Academy
of Sciences and the State Education Commission.

In accordance with international and conventional practice, editors are
making concerted efforts to publish qualified papers within 9 months and
communication within 3 months.

ISSN: 1001-604

Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Chemistry
354 Fenglin Road
Shanghai 200032, China

Tel.: 86-21-64163300-2655
Fax: 86-21-64166128

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Current Issue: Vol. 22 No. 11 November 2004

Date: 29 Nov. 2004

Original posting date: 
Monday, November 29, 2004
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