Chinese Journal of International Politics


Chinese Journal of International Politics

The Chinese Journal of International Politics aims to advance the
systematic and rigorous study of international relations. Besides the
papers based on modern methodology, this journal also

publishes research products of historical studies and policy-oriented
research. This journal is committed to providing a forum for academic
papers and articles on problematic issues. Most of its

articles are either related to China or have implication for Chinese
foreign policy.

The journal will cover a variety of subjects including:

Chinese foreign policy

Regional dynamics in East Asia

Arms control and disarmament

Military conflict and dispute settlement

Globalization and domestic change

International political economy

P-ISSN: 1750-8916

E-ISSN: 1750-8924

Contact: Yan Xuetong


Subject: International Relations, Chinese Foreign Policy, Arms Control
and Disarmament, Military Conflict and Dispute Settlement,
Globalization, International Political Economy

Date Posted: 17th December, 2012

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
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