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Subject: CHOIR Magazine

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Subject: CHOIR Magazine

"a harmony of discourse, art and literature"

[Current issue Table of Contents]

SUDDEN FICTION Snappy, pent-up fiction
POETRY Lots of poetry
GRAVITY FED STORY A never ending story
CREATIVE NON-FICTION True stories....well.....
DRAMA One-acts, radio plays and performance pieces
MONOLOGUES One-sided, singly voiced drama
FOLKTALES New and used folktales
DREAMS A dream sanctuary
HOW-TO Where How-to leads to why.
ASTROLOGY This is not just a horoscope page.
LEFT-SIDE RIGHT-SIDE A perspectives page
PHILOS The open commentary section.
THE LISTS PAGE First up, a list of things that scare.
OFF THE WALL ART - An On-Line Art Gallery where the work of international
artists is available for viewing and for sale by the artists. Rather
than the art touring the world, we offer amazing reproductions of it
here, costing the artist a lot less and making this method of showing art
highly accessible.
THE PORTRAIT STUDIO - Photos of "people" with text accompaniment.

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