Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 18:58:47 GMT
Subject: CHORUS: A WWW Resource

From: Mary Mallery <>
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Subject: CHORUS: A WWW Resource for Academic and Educational Computing
From: Todd J. B. Blayone <>

Introducing CHORUS

A WWW Resource for Academic and Educational
Computing in the Arts/Humanities

Sponsored by PEINet, Canada


CHORUS is an on-line, hypermedia resource for academic and educational
computing in the arts/humanities. It is aimed primarily at academics,
educators, information professionals, and students (in higher
education). A home-computing and Internet-tools section, however, will
appeal to a broader audience with a less formal interest in using
computers to teach, learn or acquire humanities-related information.

CHORUS is a highly collaborative venture which brings together an
international team of academics and professionals.

CHORUS is NOT a "packaged" electronic serial. Rather, it is an evolving
hypermedia resource continually shaped by a team of editors and
writers/reviewers into an ever more complex web of information.



* Essays (from a variety of humanistic perspectives) introducing
computer-related and/or network-accessible tools and resources, or
discussing the impact of IT on research and education

* Single and comparative (humanities-oriented) reviews of PC and
Macintosh software of special interest to academics and educators in the

* Links to humanities-related resources around the Net and a form-based
search facility.

* An Internet-tools section providing links, and reviews of various
shareware and commercial packages for PC and Macintosh computers

* A home-computing section presenting thoughtful reviews of popular
educational/entertainment software with a humanities-oriented content is
under construction.


CHORUS can be fully accessed by anyone with a dedicated or SLIP/PPP
connection to the Internet, and a graphical Web browser. (CHORUS was
designed with the advanced features and performance of _Netscape
Navigator_ in mind!) For more information about Internet connections and
the World Wide Web, please contact your local computer-support staff.

Academics, educators and information professionals are welcome to join
CHORUS as section editors, reviewers or editorial consultants. Software
and book publishers may submit copies of their publications for review.

Please contact Todd Blayone (Project Coordinator, McGill University) at CHORUS is made possible through the
sponsorship of PEINet, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Todd J. B. Blayone, Project Coordinator, Chorus
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada /

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