Clinical Interventions in Aging (CIIA)


Clinical Interventions in Aging

Publisher: Dove Medical Press Ltd

Official journal of the Society for Applied Research in Aging (SARA)

Clinical Interventions in Aging (CIIA) is an international, peer-reviewed
journal focusing on evidence-based reports on the value or lack thereof of
treatments intended to prevent or delay the onset of maladaptive correlates
of aging in human beings.

Issues of clinical interest and application will be preferentially
considered for publication. Such papers will include but not be limited to
those presenting unique observations that may provide clues as to how better
to manage the aging process, as well as to those giving clinical options for
opposing the maladaptive effects of aging, especially by tempering or
preventing the onset of age-related disease.

Subject areas include:

* Intrinsic diseases of aging
* Metabolic therapies
* Indicators of disease risk
* Health-oriented approach to aging (as opposed to a disease-oriented one)
* Clinical options to combat the maladaptive effects of aging
* Replacement of essential substances whose concentrations decline during
* Managing functional decline during senescence
* Preventing or delaying the onset of intrinsic diseases of aging
* Methods for evaluating safety of new interventions
* Ethical considerations of such putative therapies
* Regulatory guidelines affecting their use
* Experimental animals will be considered for publication if they are
directly relevant to the human condition.

These areas are addressed through:

* Original clinical research (full papers and concise rapid reports)
* Reviews
* Basic science studies
* Case reports, clinical observations, letters to the editor
* Expert opinion and commentary.

ISSN 1176-9092 (Print)
ISSN 1178-1998 (Online)


Dr Richard F Walker

Clinical Interventions in Aging is available free of charge as an Open
Access journal on the Internet.

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 4 2009

Date: 30 March 2009

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Monday, March 30, 2009
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