Comparative Hepatology


Comparative Hepatology

Publisher: BioMed Central

Comparative Hepatology is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal
for liver-oriented research, publishing basic and applied studies, in
biology, veterinary and human medicine.

Comparative Hepatology aims to become a valuable reference forum for
publication of high quality, original research on the normal or
disrupted anatomy and physiology of the liver, including any of its
supracellular, cellular or subcellular components. The journal considers
manuscripts that deal descriptively or experimentally with the liver. It
also welcomes pathobiology studies. Translational research reports are
encouraged and purely clinical hepatology is considered, especially when
it bears new insights on the structure and function of the liver.
Multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged, and manuscripts are
acceptable where liver is the major focus of the study.

Comparative Hepatology is unique in its field, allowing and encouraging
publication of data from liver research spanning a wide range of
scientific interests and species, as long as the results and conclusions
are original and scientifically justified. The journal naturally brings
together hepatologists with different views, expertises and particular
interests, thus promoting multi-disciplinary study.

Making all its content Open Access, and not retaining copyright, the
journal offers a way to make data both freely available and highly
visible to hepatologists worldwide; this will benefit the impact of your
publication among peers and society. The journal has unrestricted space
and takes advantage of all the technical possibilities available for
electronic publishing.

ISSN: 1476-5926

To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs,
Comparative Hepatology accepts only online submission.



Dr Eduardo Rocha
University of Porto
Department of Microscopy
Laboratory of Histology and Embryology
Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar
Lg. Prof. Abel Salazar no. 2
4099-003 Porto


Abstracts available online. Articles available as HTML and PDF.

Current Issue: Volume 4:2 (8 February 2005)

Date: 22 Feb. 2005

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
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