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Computer News is a *FREE* weekly E-zine that comes out on Wednesdays.
Some features of Computer News are:

- Weekly News Reporting
+ Weekly Book Reviews
- Monthly Net Entertainment Reviews
- Classified Ads
- Lighter Side (Computer Humor)

(NOTE: The "+" sign denotes a new feature)

Give us a try, it's well worth it.

To SUBSCRIBE to Computer News, send e-mail to with
the following in the body of the message:

subscribe cn

Currently, we are looking for software authors/publishers who are willing
to let us review their software products.

Right now, any DOS/Windows product is acceptable. The test machine is a
Pentium 90, with 8MB ram, 1GB Hard Disk, Sound Card (SBPRO2), ATI mach64
Video, Double-Speed CD (Soon to be Toshiba Quad-Speed SCSI CD), WFW 3.11,
and DOS 6.22.

We hope to add a Macintosh to our test line, and expect a Sun SPARC soon.

Any review we do will reach over 650 people, a number which increases

Please send inquiries regarding Software Reviews to <>

Thanks in advance,
Olcay Cirit
Editor-in-Chief, Computer News

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Saturday, July 29, 1995
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