Conflict Resolution Quarterly


Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc. for the Association for Conflict

Conflict Resolution Quarterly (formerly Mediation Quarterly) publishes
quality scholarship on relationships between theory, research, and practice
of third parties in the conflict management and dispute resolution field to
promote more effective professional applications.

Articles may focus on any aspect of the conflict resolution process or
context, but a primary focus is the behavior, role, and impact of third
parties in effectively handling conflict. All theoretical and methodological
orientations are welcome.

Submission of scholarship with the following emphases is encouraged:

* Discussion of a variety of third-party conflict resolution practices,
including dialogue, facilitation, facilitated negotiation, mediation,
fact-finding, and arbitration;

* Analyses of disputant and third-party behavior, preference, and reaction
to conflict situations and conflict management processes;

* Consideration of conflict processes in a variety of conflict contexts,
including family, organizational, community, court, health care,
commercial, international, and educational contexts;

* Sensitivity to relational, social, and cultural contexts that define and
impact conflict;

* Interdisciplinary analyses of conflict resolution and scholarship
providing insights applicable across conflict resolution contexts;

* Discussion of conflict resolution training and education processes,
program development, and program evaluation and impact for programs focusing
on the development of more competent conflict resolution in educational,
organizational, community, or professional contexts.

A defining focus of the journal is the relationships among theory, research,
and practice. All articles should specifically address the implications of
theory for practice and research directions, how research can better inform
practice, or how research can contribute to theory development with
important implications for practice.

Online ISSN: 1541-1508
Print ISSN: 1536-5581


Tricia S. Jones
Conflict Resolution Quarterly
Department of Psychological Studies
College of Education
Temple University
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Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1 (Autumn 2005)

Date: 30 January 2006

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Monday, January 30, 2006
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