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Subject: Contra Mundum

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Subject: Contra Mundum
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Contra Mundum ("Against the World") is a quarterly journal of opinion
and analysis. It offers a forum for discussion and exploration of ideas
and issues in Reformed thought today. A variety of viewpoints are
accepted - within the bounds of the Reformed confessions.

While Contra Mundum is not an organ of any movement, many writers in its
pages are advocates of positions on worship, theonomy, and similar
matters that are being debated today. Contra Mundum is independent and
is not backed by any organization. Two of the editors are members of
congregations in the Presbyterian Church in America, and the third is
affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and may not be - often they
are not - the opinions of the editors or publisher of Contra Mundum.
All material is copyright of the authors unless otherwise noted.
Certain material which originally appeared in Contra Mundum but is not
available on the Web pages can be obtained in printed form from other

The publishing schedule and subscription information for the printed
edition of Contra Mundum is available, but you are welcome to read it as
an online publication. We are still in the process of coverting back
issues to HTML format. Some issues may have few or no articles online.
An Envoy version of a few files is available for Web browsers with ftp

[Most recent Issue Table of Contents]

Stephen Charnock's View Of Substantive Biblical Law
George Gatgounis
The Judicial Role of the Church 13.2k
Ruben C. Alvarado
The Law of Brotherly Love Part A - 21.8k
The Law of Brotherly Love Part B
The Law of Brotherly Love Part C
Frederick Nymeyer

Carl Bogue 1.5k
The Elections: An Obvious Interpretation 23k
David W. Hall
The Elections: Plus sa change, plus la meme chose 12.1k
T.E. Wilder
Interview with R.J. Rushdoony 34.1k
Iconoclasts - Where Can It Be?
Al Schneider
Confessional Conference 16.9k
Brent Bradley
A Modest Proposal
Kevin Clauson
Power Politics vs. Ecclesiastical Cultures 37.9k
David Rockett

New Voters on the Block 5.5k
David W. Hall
Disciples and Democracy, by Michael Cromartie
God Governs it All 9.2k
K. Brent Jones
The Sovereignty of God and Civil Government, by John Weaver
What Does Jerusalem Have To Do With South Bend? 13.1k
Francis J. Beckwith
Hermes and Athena, ed. Elenore Stump & Flint
Captive of Armenia 36.7k
A.R. Kayayan
A Captive of Caucasus, by Andrei Bitov
Review: 31.6k
Mark R. Kreitzer
The Thousand Generation Covenant: Dutch Reformed
covenant theology and group identity in colonial South Africa,
1652-1812, by Jonathan N. Gerstner
Review by Carsten Hobohm 6.2k
Ethik and Der Rmerbrief, by Thomas Schirrmacher
Heidegger Deconstructed 24.7k
Peter J. Leithart
Martin Heidegger: A Political Life, by Hugo Ott
The Deconstruction of Literature, by David Hirsch
Heidegger's Crisis, by Hans Sluga
A Witness Remembered 12.5k
Astrid Kloth
Paul Schneider: The Witness of Buchenwald, by Rudolf Wentorf,
Trans. Franklin Sanders
A Cure for Government Welfare Blues? 14k
Mark Ahlseen
Welfare Reformed, edited by David Hall
Welfare Reformed - Biblically 10.5k
Byron Snapp

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